Peace Goddess!

Are you ready to do something totally different during such a unique time in history?! Since the #Corona has us 'on pause' in the house, why not take advantage of the time and do some self-reflection and discovery?

Are you truly ready to examine all the roles you wear each day: mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, victim, and martyr? Are you truly ready to examine your emotional, spiritual, and physical health more deeply than drinking green juice, endless dieting, and hitting the gym?

That’s a question between you and your mirror, however, I wholeheartedly believe NOW is the time for authentic self-reflection and discovery! Life as we knew it is over…what an amazing opportunity.

As a collective, we will use the Circle of Life tool as a guide to discover ways to nourish our mind, body, and spirits and transform into our most authentic and healthy selves!

INTENTION: The group is a safe space to document and discuss your own process of awakening, healing, and activation! You will learn tips on how to discover your own level of self-honesty, as you unapologetically transform into your most authentic and healthy self. This virtual event is fun, flexible, empowering, inspiring, and educational.

EXPERIENCE: Think of it is a virtual wellness coaching session!

We will use my interactive memoir “From Jersey To Me: The Awakening & Healing of a Goddess”, as the textbook in a small intimate setting, over seven weeks we will:

  • Discuss the importance of nutrition, rest, pleasure, and exercise.
  • Complete the self-love and discovery exercises.
  • Learn how the human body processes food and the cycles of healing.
  • The four cycles of a woman’s life (i.e., Maiden, Mother, Goddess, Crone).
  • Discuss the importance and meaning of meditation, prayer, and journaling
  • Have the support of a powerful group of women ready to transform into their most authentic and healthy selves!


* Six live classes + Q&A sessions via Zoom and the Online Goddess Educational Portal (Value $750)

*Two one-on-one accountability calls (Value $200)

*Circle of Life worksheet to accompany the lessons (Value $250)

  • This tool addresses these important elements: Spirituality, Creativity, Finances, Career, Education, Health, Physical Activity, Home Cooking, Home Environment, Relationships, Social Life, and Joy

*Virtual Workbook & Exercises (Value $125)

  • Additional resources to support the reading including sharing and pairing with an accountability partner, video lessons, audio lessons, worksheets, reading material, journaling

*One free digital copy of From Jersey To Me: The Awakening & Healing of a Goddess (Value $15.95) **Early bird registrants only

TOTAL VALUE: $1,340.95

EARLY BIRD INVESTMENT: $129.00 (Ends 5/12/20)


Your Instructor

Wendi Cherry
Wendi Cherry


When she came to the realization that she was born with all of her Goddess powers already within, Wendi Cherry changed her diet, mindset, and career and that’s when the revolution began.

A Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, producer and host of The Sanctuary Radio Show on DCRadio.gov. Wendi has been featured on 89.3-WPFW, 93.9-WKYSFM, 96.3-WHUR and is a contributing writer for the AARP Sisters Newsletter. She released her interactive memoir From Jersey to Me: The Awakening & Healing of a Goddess in 2019.

Wendi received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she received in-depth instruction in nutrition, health and wellness, coaching skills, and business development.

Her full-service, holistic life-coaching revolution, The Goddess Awakening & Healing Sanctuary, LLC, focuses on nutrition, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness, personal and professional relationships, self-love, finances and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the class for?
Any woman who is ready to signal to the universe you are ready to step into the authentic power of the Goddess you were born to be.
Will there be recordings of the live classes?
Yes. Each class recording will be available using the Zoom platform.
What is the time commitment each day?
Sundays evenings June 21 thru July 26, 2020, from 7 - 9 PM (EDT)
May I make up classes that I miss?
Yes, all classes will be available on-demand for you to revisit at your leisure
May I gift the Wellness Workshop to someone?
Yes, you sure can! After your purchase, email me the name and email of the Goddess who will attend the Mastermind.
Refund Policy
No refunds. May be applied to a future experience.

Thank you for choosing to become the most authentic and healthy version of yourself! Your commitment to the process will create a positive ripple affect on your friends and family!

Get started now!